Long-haired blonde Pamela Anderson, is an actress, a model, a television producer and an author, who was born on the 1st day of July, 1967 in Lady smith, British Columbia, Canada.

She is a Canadian-American who was born to a furnace repairman and a waitress and is popularly known for her roles in the movies, “Bay watch” and “V.I.P”, among others. Pamela featured in the Play boy magazines in the 1990s. She is the only model to have been on the covers of Play boy magazines, five times. She worked as a fitness instructor in Vancouver, after her secondary school education.

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Before and After

Pamela Anderson Breast Implants Before and After



She received a star on the Canadian “Walk of Fame” and has had three spouses: Kid Rock, Tommy Lee and Rick Salomon. Pamela Anderson is also a vegan and an active advocate for animal rights. There’s not much been said on Pamela Anderson’s plastic surgery, except for her boob jobs. She is one of those celebrities who was very beautiful even at a tender age and therefore had no need for any plastic surgery.

Pamela Anderson’s Face lift

Though people have not criticized the face lift, Pamela, who is 46 years of age, doesn’t seem to be aging, a bit! If you look closely at her recent pictures, there are no signs of aging on her lovely face, no wrinkles, no face lines, no sagging etc. Pamela Anderson’s Botox injections show on the face and has been commended by very notable doctors.

Pamela Anderson’s face lift gives her skin, a perfect glow. Her skin is exactly as it should have been, had she been 20 years younger. Moreover, she has managed to stay in perfect shape, giving an impetus to her beauty.

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before After

Pamela Anderson Plastic Surgery Before After

Pamela Anderson’s Breast Augmentation

Play boy beauty Pamela Anderson breast surgery has been noticed by her adoring fans. She is said to have had breast implants when she was younger and later had them removed in 1999. This could be due to some health hazards, only popular with celebrities. There are rumors that she got her breast size reduced because she was advised by her doctor to do so.

Pamela has obviously put the breast implants back because her recent breast size is a double D cup.

What Pamela’s Fans think?

“Pamela Anderson is one of those very naturally beautiful women who do not need to undergo any form of plastic surgery. She tried to look like ‘Barbie’ and has spoiled her natural beauty”, says one of her concerned fans. She could have just allowed herself to age gracefully and beautifully like most women but she chose to go under a doctor’s scalpel. This is not only giving rise to side effects, it also affects the natural process of aging.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

To some of her fans, Pamela Anderson’s plastic surgery seems to have made her an even more beautiful goddess in their eyes. Little wonder then that some of these fans have even gone through surgical processes, just so that they too can look like her.