Lynda Carter popularly called Wonder Woman by her fans because of her role in the movie, “Adventures of Wonder Woman”, is a beautiful dark-haired American singer and actress whose real name is Linda Jean Cordova Carter. She was born in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States of America.

Lynda studied at the Arizona State University and has appeared in a lot of television movies in the 90s, including Sky High, Wonder Woman and The Dukes of Hazzard, among others.

Lynda Carter Plastic Surgery

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She won the Miss World USA, in 1972 and the Most Beautiful Woman in the World, in 1978. Lynda Carter is a mother of two wonderful children and has been married twice. Lynda, who is also a very passionate singer, put her career on hold, just to raise her two lovely children.

Rumor has it that the Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter’s plastic surgery has reached the extent of her even getting a nose job and a Fraxel laser treatment. Some fans still wonder if it just because of her good mixture of genes or the work of very good doctors, that her face looks so young, radiant and beautiful.

Lynda’s Blepharoplasty

Aged 61, Lynda has had insecurities about her beauty, especially about how her fans, perceive her. Looking at Lynda Carter’s recent photos, one can see that the wonder woman has had to raise her eyebrows with plastic surgery.

Any woman of her age should have some signs of drooping around her eyebrows, but this is not the case with Lynda Carter’s blepharoplasty has obviously helped her slow down the drooping speed of her eyebrows. It actually does give her a younger look, especially around the eyes.

Did Lynda get a face lift?

The answer to the question could be ‘yes’. Though she has English, Mexican, Irish and Spanish blood flowing through her veins, she is 61 years of age and should at least show signs of wrinkles and frown lines on her face.

Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter’s facial lift is making her face tighter and her skin glow more than usual. Her face lift is certainly good because it makes her face, look younger and natural.

Lynda’s Botox Injections

Almost all celebrities, male or female, who have reached a certain age, say 50, are scared of how they look and how their audience, see them.

Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Lynda Carter plastic surgery before and after

Lynda Carter is one of the many women who should be aging gracefully, with some face lines and wrinkles, but from her recent pictures, one can see that Lynda Carter’s Botox injections made her face skin tight and firm, leaving no wrinkles or face lines. Our beautiful Wonder Woman is also rumored to have undergone a Fraxel laser treatment, to make her skin, fresher and more vibrant.

Lynda Carter’s Reaction

When the rumors of Lynda Carter’s plastic surgery got to her ears, she denied it, saying that it is not about how much money she has to do a plastic surgery, but that the mere thought of undergoing a plastic surgery is dangerous and weird.