Kim Kardadhian is a very beautiful and talented actress. She has most of the qualities of the beautiful lady in her. But being a celebrity, she knows how to get attention from the media and what is need for her publicity.

The Kim Kardashian nose job after pregnancy was done by one of the most talented plastic surgeon. But after all the manual skills, there is something missing from the natural make up that God has designed.

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After

Kim Kardashian Nose Job Before and After via


There is a lot of liking for the nose of Kim among the young people. Most of them would like to get the septoplasty done to get the shape and size of Kim’s nose.

The forensic analysis according to one of the renowned plastic surgeon says that Kim had a nose which was pear shaped and asymmetrical which was transformed into a smooth and concave shaped and enclosing the frame of the eye which was not visible earlier.

So also the nose had a broad tip which was changed to a small and tip like feature which make it look very delicate and fine. Because of the broad tip, the nose would look downwards pointed which later had a lifted appearance and the nose now looked shorter, firmer and sharper in the new feature.

Transformed by the surgery, as most of the celebrities have to be in the limelight, so also Kim has undergone surgeries to correct her body in the artificial manner!

This brings about a gossip column in the headlines and thus they become more popular. The undergoing of knife for different procedures is a routine for such celebrities and no matter how much it costs; they have to be on the top at every show time.

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

Kim Kardashian Without Makeup

The nose is the most prominent feature of the face. And the plastic surgeons make a lot of money correcting and reshaping this little nose. They change the looks of the person with the skills of surgery and transform this celebrity totally.

Kim Kardashian nose job after baby’s birth is a fantastic example of the marvels of plastic surgery skills at the hands of well known surgeons. The youth is rejuvenated by various procedures that are available. The age of the celebrity is up to you to understand.

She would look the same or even may look younger as the days and years pass by. The natural process of aging is defied by these beautiful looking celebrity women.

Kim Kardashian with husband and pets

Kim Kardashian with husband and pets

Kim Kardashian’s new nose is the talk of the industry. How did she get that beautiful nose sculpted? Who was the doctor handling her case?

He definitely was one of those top surgeons who knew his skills very well. That’s how so many young people want to get their noses done like Kim Kardashian nose job.

Over the past few years, Kim has started to look younger and more beautiful than before. Her body is well toned, sculpted to a perfect figure and her looks are more firm and bold. Eyes are very expressive and the nose stands out of it all. The small and firm look with a thin ridge and a perfect tone!