Beyonce Plastic Surgery has been the most talked about thing of Hollywood. And it is justified, for she is one of the most talented singers across the globe, which adds to her beauty. Now with an array of plastic surgeries and anti-aging therapies, she looks more gorgeous than ever. She may never admit to all the procedures or any of them at all, but the difference is absolutely visible to everyone.

beyonce plastic surgery

What Beyonce went through for gorgeous looks?



It is very clear, seeing her present photos that she went for six things one by one, which have made her more desired by her fans and her husband.


  • Nose Job: When she first came in the limelight, her nose had a wider bridge, while it was a bit darker than what it appears now. Now her nose bridge is refined, while it appears to be sharper than before. The Rhinoplasty made her nose narrow, while the tip more pointed and refined. It also gives her the perfect seductress look with those big eyes that she naturally has. However, she didn’t get this result in just one session of nose job, but she had it first in 2003-2004 and again in the next few years. It was carried out till she didn’t get the desired result.
  • Lip Reduction: Her lips look thinner than they were before, which clearly indicates towards a sophisticated lip reduction surgery. The reason most of the people have noticed it is because makeup alone can’t make them look the way they appear. They are certainly the result of cosmetic surgery, which were never admitted by the singer, nor her husband or any other surgeon.
  • Breast Augmentation: Initially she had natural breasts, but in the recent photos every one could see the difference clearly. The breast size are larger than they were before, which clearly shows off a good portion of skin in the bikini top, where push-up bra is not used. It makes it very clear that she did go through breast augmentation for the enhanced look.
  • Skin Lightening: She belongs to African descendents, which makes her skin naturally dark. However, recently her dark long locks were seen to be in a lighter shade, while her skin tone has also gone on the lighter side. It makes the fact very evident that she has undergone skin lightening for her entire body, which has also made its effect on her locks as well. The use of hydroquinone as well as kojic acid and other creams on a routine basis can’t be denied for her flawless light skin tone.
  • Liposuction: This was noticed back in 2007, when she was seen in a two-piece bikini with a perfect muscular ab. The liposuction can’t be just a rumour because she appeared in public with washboard abs, which was a surprise as she never had time for working out regularly. Hence, it is a general assumption that is certainly true.
  • Botox: Botox treatment and Beyonce have been somewhat synonym to each other. Her wrinkles on face have been taken care by it, while she seems to be a regular user of it through the years of her stardom.

beyonce-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-nose-job 2

However, the rumours that she is obsessed with the use of Botox may be true or it could be a myth, but it can’t be denied that Beyonce Plastic Surgery did happen at many point of time. Though, one has to admit that the results are simply gorgeous.