The rumors about Andie MacDowell plastic surgery is a hot topic for those who keep up on the showbiz gossip.  At 55 years old, Andie looks stunningly beautiful. In fact, she seems to be getting younger.  Andie has stated she does not do plastic surgery. However, whenever a celebrity denies the rumors, everyone tries to prove that they do. Is this a product of good genetics or good plastic surgeon? Let’s look into it a bit closer.

There seems to be different angles to the plastic surgery rumors.  Some are speculating that she might have had an eye lid surgery.  Others think she might have had a facelift and a nose job.  While experts claims she definitely had Botox as the wrinkles on her face are gone. Another clear difference is the size of her breast.  Her breast are noticeably bigger compared to pictures from a few years ago.  Experts assumptions is that she’s had a breast implant.  Some sources have even stated that Andie has had breast implant procedure early in her career back in the 80’s.

andie macdowell plastic surgery before and after

Mostly people are noticing Andie MacDowell plastic surgery on her face.  Several before and after pictures, clearly shows a tighter cheeks, forehead, and lips.  This indicates that she’s had some type of Botox injections on her face.

In talking to some experts, it is highly possible that she’s had Botox and fillers on her face.  Whatever procedure she may have had, plastic surgery experts agree that the procedure was executed very well and brought her beauty back. Furthermore, her cheeks look full and tight possibly as a result of fat injections.

If the speculations are true, Andie is one of the celebrities who’s had a successful plastic surgery. Unlike other celebrities who tends to go overboard with their face surgery, she maintained her natural look.  Just enough botox and fillers to keep her face looking full and young.  She also did not go crazy with her breast implants.  Definitely just enough plastic surgery procedure to keep her looking beautiful in a competitive entertainment industry and admirable to her fans.

andie macdowell rumors

On her side, she has denied any facial surgery rumors but has confirmed about her breast enhancements.  In fact, she is one of the celebrities who endorses natural anti aging products.  She’s also into yoga and running which definitely helps her stay slim and younger looking figure.  Could it be possible that her views on facial plastic surgery have changed as she got older? None of us really knows if the rumors are true or not, but whatever she is doing it is working.

What do you think? Andie MacDowell’s plastic surgery rumors true or not?