Issue of artificial beauty or plastic surgery of famous celebrities has never been lost its affectionate. Rihanna is an American R&B singer with wonderful voice, lovely face and handsome body. Her first album, ‘Music of the Sun‘ was published in 2005 and included in the top ten list of Billboard 200 album. Another lead single “Pon de Replay” was also include in the Billboard Hot 100 song list.

Most of the people knew her as a singer of “Umbrella”, a song that was included in her 3rd music album Good Girl Gone Bad (2007). Her global hit song “Umbrella” derived her to the peak of the popularity and now she had several hit albums as well as music awards. This giant music star is well recognized by almost every music fan all over the world. Her hypnotizing stage performance is a fantastic way of enjoyment for young boys and girls.

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

Rihanna Nose Job Before and After

In an interview with a lifestyle magazine, Rihanna wishes to remain as natural as possible but large numbers of people point their finger against her for having a nose job to enhance her beauty.

This is a claim that will need to be verified because Rihanna doesn’t state anything about the nose job blame made by many people. It makes thousands of people just surprise and after searching her Rihanna nose job before and after comparison photos, lots of people started to comment that she really undertake a rhinoplasty or plastic surgery for nose. Most of her fans started to believe that she like to keep her nose reshaping surgery issue a secret.

The gossip of Rihanna nose job cannot be dined because of the clear differences in her nose. It is not a big matter that she admits in the hospital for the nose job or not. They detect that there have been a few changes in her face. Rihanna’s face looks more attractive with flatter in addition to slight upward nose.

Rihanna nose job before and after:

Now her nose is appearing better with more linear in addition to the lesser triangular appearance. In addition the tip of her nose is narrower and has the slight upward tilt. The nostrils are appearing less bulky and still look so attractive as well. Rihanna nose job gave her a very good result and now she looks more beautiful.

Many people start to believe in the probability of Rihanna’s nose reshaping surgery after paying attention to the plastic surgery expert’s opinion regarding her current look.

Some of the highly reputed plastic surgeons were asked to give their judgment regarding the rumor of Rihanna’s nose reshaping surgery and these surgeons agreed that she actually has nose job done.

Rawnsley, the research physician at UCLA, took a assessment between Rihanna’s current and previous nose. He confirmed the 25 year-old singer surely had surgical procedure in her nose.

He also confirmed that the less triangular and more linear mid portion, narrower tip and slight upward tilt are the results of very sound nose reshaping surgery. Total of nine highly qualified surgeons shared the similar ideas regarding the American R&B singer’s nose job issue.

Rihanna After Surgery

Rihanna After Surgery

A New York plastic surgery specialist, Dr. Jennifer Walden told US Life & Style magazine “She have done nasal reshaping surgery for giving her nose an extra jolly look”.

The magazine also confirmed that Dr. Rawnsley & Dr. Michael Fiorillo were the surgeons for Rihanna rhinoplasty. Besides the news of Rihanna’s nose job, people also have noticed the undoubted changes of her cup size.

Finally lots of people take the nose job of rihanna as a demand of music industry and they are trying to enjoy her new look with less bulky nose.