Lea Michele is an American singer and actress. Most often people have been persuaded as well as impressed with Lea Michel’s talent and beauty. Lea Michele’s face appears very natural and beautiful. However, lots of audience have believed that the Glee idol Michele’s appearance had some artificial factor, particularly, the allegation of Lea Michele’s nose job.

This famous singer Lea Michele was born on born 29 August, 1986 in New York. The 27 years old singer is best known for her awesome performance of Glee series.

Lea Michele Spotted in Public

Lea Michele Spotted in Public via OK

On October 19th, 2012 she revealed that she had been preparing for studio recording of her first song. Prior to becoming a TV sensation she had been visually isolated from her audience. When you are a stage role, it is quite difficult for your fans to analysis every feature of your face.

Today Lea is a television celebrity on the musical series Glee her face is now all over the world from magazines to the cinema screen. With all that concentration being put on the face, it’s apparent that she determined it was the right moment to improve her appearance for the cameras.

Her statement regarding plastic surgery and nose job showed that Michele will never experience nervous for her physical appearance. She feels proud and happy for her usual appearance. She stated that she doesn’t want to alter anything of her face.

But if you take a deep look on Lea Mechele nose job before and after pictures, you can easily locate some variations of her. Her nose turns into thinner than the previous one. It appears that Lea had nose reshaping surgery done.

In the earlier period, Lea had a broad nose with a swollen tip. This was obviously the genetic effect, and she appeared gloomy with her in general look. As Lea Michele became further glamorous as a TV artist, so did her face.

At the present time, the tip of Michele’s nose is smaller and perfectly refined. Her nose bridge has become more sculpted and narrower. Overall, she has not altered her nose so radically that there’s no rebuffing for a rhinoplasty, but she has pinched the appearance of her nose to create it the most beautiful it can possibly be.

Lea Michele nose job before and after

Lea Michele nose job before and after

Lea informs Makeup.com (a discussion platform for Hollywood stars) that she is comforted that she never undertook a nose job.

She said “I am a regular singer, and when you go for a nose job, you don’t think how it’s going to influence your voice or modify your sound.”

“So nose job was just a threat for me that I didn’t want to receive a nose job.” Lea doesn’t dislike anyone who has undertaken a nose job, but it wasn’t the most excellent idea for her. “I think people should take their own decisions,” Michele says.

According to the Lea Michele, a nose job is something she would not perform as it might affect her voice as well as singing performance.

As her reputation depends on her sweet voice, she says, it would be an awful career progress to risk something like a nose job.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele via nydailynews

Too shocking for Lea that she’s still not slowing down to the cosmetic surgery, because the more film industry experts study her latest nose, the more the audience is influenced by them that all right, she has done a cosmetic surgery.

Do you think that Lea Michele would never get nose reshaping surgery, or do you think her before and after pictures that illustrate huge changes to her face?