Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical operation that is applied on a defected nose to reshape it. Nose job is done to repair either a birth deformity or for cosmetic reasons. Since the procedure is done through the nostrils, it is difficult to identify whether someone has done it since there is no visible scars or cuts left after the operation.

Many celebrities have been utilizing the nose job technology for cosmetics purposes of making themselves more beautiful and attractive before the audience and the camera. One such celebrity who has come out openly before the public for having rhinoplasty is Jennifer Grey Nose Job.

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey is an American actress who has become popular both for her acting and her early 1990’s nose plastic surgery. Her acting career was propelled after taking part in dirty dancing film.

Jennifer is the daughter of Joel Grey who also was an actor and Jo Wilder who was an actress and musician. Having emerged from such a family, it was obvious she would have become a popular celebrity.

Jennifer Grey nose job has made her to become less popular in her acting career. Being a victim of ruined nose job procedure, Jennifer now appears totally different among the audience to a point that nobody recognizes her on a fast glance.

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery

People even had to exaggerate saying that Jennifer appeared totally changed even her close friends couldn’t recognize her. Her nose job has totally affected her career since she has lost her Hollywood identity making her only to be remembered for her nose job.

Jennifer Grey after and before nose job pictures reveals that her new nose looks perfectly lovely but totally changed. It is simply not for her. Both the shape and the size of her nose have been totally altered.

Jennifer Grey nose job before and after

What used to be a big and a wide nose now is slim and more attractive. After losing her identity, Jennifer Grey once said that she went to an operation room as a celeb but came out a different person, an anonymous.

After taking part in dirty dancing, her role as an ugly-duckling teenager with a bad nose made her more popular. It is as if her nose created a platform for her identity and popularity.

Since she wanted to become more beautiful and attractive, Jennifer undertook a nose job surgery which totally transformed her identity. Fortunately for her, she became more beautiful after the nose job surgery but nobody recognized her beauty, a big reason for her career downfall.

Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg

Jennifer Grey & Clark Gregg – Tribeca Film Festival 2013

Due to the lost popularity which has negatively affected her career, she told Washington post in 1999 that it was absurd that a nose job could wreak such havoc.

As if that is not enough, Jennifer Grey has faced other challenges. The first was the horrific accident in Ireland in 1987 and the recent one was a thyroid cancer diagnosis. This came into light after she visited her doctor to get her spine fused and her painful neck checked.

It is during this time when the doctor noticed a lump on her neck and warned her against hitting the dance floor. This is because she would be paralyzed if she falls. She has undergone several surgeries and her tumor has been removed though she hasn’t confirmed yet whether she is 100 percent cancer free.