Jane Fonda was born on December 21, 1937. She is a well-known American actress, political activist, writer, ex- fashion model, and fitness guru. Jane Fonda is a popular and beautiful actress achieved Oscar and others nominations. Jane Fonda at the age of 72 talked about her plastic surgery. It started from simple hairstyles and later on she had her chin, neck, and under eye area done.

She said that she got the Plastic Surgery to get the attention to everyone. The procedure she had is known as Blepharoplasty. After Jane Fonda plastic surgery, she looks so good.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Before After

According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, it seems like Jane Fonda did not have multiple surgeries like face-lift, Botox, brow lift, and nose job or Rhinoplasty. On the contrary, the result of the procedure she did seems natural and not overly done.

Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after

Jane Fonda plastic surgery before and after

It would be hard to say that Jane Fonda is already 74 years old when you take a quick look at her. According to her, she looks and feels younger.

Fonda frankly confessed that she has undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries throughout the years. It started when she became tired of not being able to look like how she felt inside. She consulted a plastic surgeon for her eyes, chin, and neck surgery done.

She revealed that it was not an easy decision, but she wanted to be honest with readers, as she has released books about the topic on growing older.

Jane Fonda surgery

Jane Fonda surgery

Fonda told Lauer that she did not feel any pressure to keep up a particular look. She said that she just wanted to look like how she felt. Although Jane Fonda feels great about how she looks, she admits that she is not proud when it comes to giving in to the pressures of getting cosmetic surgery.

While talking about the reason she chose to undergo plastic surgery, Fonda said that she is happier now compared to how she was before. Having a chin and neck lift and eyelid surgery had bought her some time and made her feel great.

Jane Fonda Plastic Surgery Helped Feel Her like A Glamorous Grandma

She said that she did not want to have any bags under her eyes, which only makes her look tired. After undergoing procedures, she said that she feels like a glamorous grandma and feels more positive about aging.

Jane Fonda at 74

Jane Fonda at 74, still looks great!

It seems like Jane Fonda has mixed emotions towards plastic surgery. It is evident that many celebrities undergo procedures to build their self-esteem. However, plastic surgery still does not guarantee the improvement of feeling better on the inside. An example is Jane Fonda whose plastic surgery went great, but seems not to be enough to please her completely.

Jane Fonda Whose Plastic Surgery Helped Improve Her Eyes, Cheeks, Chin, Forehead, and Neck!

Jane Fonda went under the knife to improve her eyes, cheeks, chin, forehead, and neck. Her reason behind this is to reflect how she felt on the inside her outward appearance as well. She bravely opened up about her real age and the cosmetic surgery procedures she had unlike other celebrities.