CSI: Miami circa 2002 to White Collar in 2013 and fans and critics alike have shown an interest in one star’s bust line. There have been Emily Procter plastic surgery speculations ever since her appearance in The West Wing TV series in 2006 which yet remain unconfirmed.

There have been similar Eva Larue plastic surgery speculation targeting her compatriot in the CSI: Miami series and we ask, what is this fascination about celebrities and cosmetic surgery?

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Emily Proster is a 45 year old actress who has featured in various television series and big screen movies. Some of her most memorable roles include her 232-episode appearance in CSI: Miami as ballistics specialist Detective Calleigh Duquesne, her 1996 role as Lana Lang in Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman, and her role as ongoing recurrent role as Amanda Callaway in White Collar.

Cosmetic Surgery

Emily Proctor spots a very smooth face which has raised talk of non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as the use of fillers and injections. There have been no official comments on Emily Procter botox injections use or of fillers. She has also neither admitted to nor denied allegations of breast augmentation.

Emily Procter plastic surgery before and after

Emily Procter plastic surgery before and after

Though she is not as talked about as stars such as Lady Gaga, you will nevertheless come across Emily Proctor plastic surgery lips mentions and other cosmetic surgery related talk. Commentaries have been made about Emily Procter plastic surgery before and after pictures though the jury is still out on whether she has had any work done.

Anyhow, most expert commentators agree that the speculations are inconclusive and one observer goes as far as saying the only way you can really tell if she has had breast augmentation is if you see her naked.

Emily’s Reaction

Many reporters and commentators have asked Emily Proctor and her agent about her use of cosmetic surgery procedures and they have all drawn a blank. Her supporters have attributed her changes to her pregnancy.

Emily Proctor with her baby girl

Emily Proctor with her baby girl

Actually, it is very possible that the Emily Proctor pregnancy is the cause for the facial puffiness which may be confused for botox injections. It is also very likely that the pregnancy led to the heaviness of her breasts which may be confused for surgical augmentation.

However, critics point out that some of the effects of pregnancy, such as facial puffiness, cannot be permanent and should have disappeared a few months after giving birth.

Well, all that is possible and only Emily can tell us with certainty. And when she does, we hope she will lay to rest the Emily Proctor boyfriend rumors too.

Verdict: Has She Had Cosmetic Surgery or Not?

The fact remains that Emily Proctor is a star who works in an industry whose main duty is to mold believable characters out of the actors. Simply put, it is the job of TV and film creators to lie to you into believing any character or role an actor plays.

So if today an actor plays the role of a flat chested woman, then a busty actor chosen for the role will be portrayed as flat chested. For that reason, it is well-nigh impossible to tell if Emily has had any work done.