Author, TV talk show host, business lady, chef, and actress, Bethenny Frankel has a barrage of talents that many of her fans admire.

Nevertheless, the Bethenny Frankel plastic surgery talks persist in drawing attention from what is really important, which is the fact that this is a focused, ambitious go-getter who is living her dream.

Bethenny Frankel Botox Treatments – Much has been said about Bethenny’s botox treatment even by herself and her spokesperson.

Bethenny Frankel Botox Before and After

Bethenny Frankel Botox Before and After

Cosmetic surgery experts have publicly warned her that she might be a victim of “bad botox” which apparently has deadened some of her facial nerves and muscles.

The effect is that she now has what some describe as an unnatural face. Others have not been so kind with their descriptions and have gone as far as terming her facial expression ridiculously caricature-like.

A particular event that led to increased comments on her use of cosmetic procedures was when she hosted ex-NFL star, Tiki Barber on her talk show, Bethenny. Her facial expression as she reacted to news of the former football star expecting a baby drew negative comments from fans and experts alike.

Later, the outspoken Bethenny spoke out against one doctor in particular on his comments about her using too much botox. While admitting to having had botox injections before, she denies having any botox addiction or using botox on the regular.

Bethenny Frankel Breast Implants

Apart from all the talk about Botox, it is apparent from Bethenny Frankel plastic surgery before and after pictures that she has had breast augmentation done. Comparing her look during the Bethenny Frankel Real Housewives Of New York City shoot and videos of her 1993 role in Soiree Sans Hors D’oeuvres, the change in bust size is significant.

Bethenny Frankel plastic surgery before and after

Bethenny Frankel plastic surgery before and after

While the doctors and other so-called experts continue to disdainfully remark on her botox use, fans continue to applaud her hot bust with her bikini photos doing the rounds on the internet. Bloggers and other commentators have in the past produced photos that attempt to prove that Bethenny’s breasts are not proportional, are mal-aligned, are over-sized, or are unnatural looking.

She admits to have had a breast augmentation procedure in 2005 but later removed the implants in 2008 because they made her look like a stripper.

Personal Life

The larger than life Bethenny is currently busy with her talk show and has hinted at a possible new book. As all this goes down, she has to contend with a messy divorce which has drawn scandal and attention from fans and the media.

Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel

She is divorcing her husband of 3 years, Jason Hoppy and this has culminated in a drama-filled custody hearing for their 3-year old daughter Bryn. As it turns out, Jason Hoppy has been recording Bethenny, the nanny, and his daughter in an attempt to find evidence that could win him the custody battles.

Moreover, he has allegedly been intercepting personal emails to and from Bethenny and possibly the nanny too. The judge presiding over the proceedings has ordered all recordings to be submitted in court and made an order for all further recording and snooping to stop.