This daytime anchor for popular TV shows has been rumoured to have cosmetic surgeries in past one and a half decade, which is mostly known as Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery. The assumptions are not just rumours, but they are absolutely true. The anchor has a tight yet unnatural looks for her age. The fact that she is not young anymore and she has gone through many surgeries to restore that youthful appearance makes the procedures more visible. Anyone could compare her photos of her career’s beginning and present, which will show how young and fresh she used to look. This has also made many assume that she had a complete facelift to fight the inevitable signs of horrific stress, as well as aging.

barbara walters plastic surgery 2011


What Barbara may have gone through?

As per a prominent Beverly Hill surgeon of cosmetic procedures, Dr. Ghavami, “Barbara must have a facelift that is combined with the filler injections to reduce the effect of aging as well as keep the signs of surgery at its minimum.”

Now that is a very practical assumption, which may have been used by Barbara to get the desired results. Considering that she needs to keep her appearance as charming as possible, a facelift is the most appropriate choice of cosmetic procedure that could have gone through. Moreover, with all those procedures, she looks much younger to her actual age. She may also have gone through a neck lift, as this is a major problem area where skin sags quickly with age. Also it is one of the visible parts of the body that is easily noticeable for any flaws or complications.


The fact that her neck appears to be pretty firm and nice, while there is no sagging skin or excessive fat around it; it makes it evident that she did go through some compact or serious procedures. Every time she turns or moves her neck to talk, one could not help, but notice that beautiful neck that is much younger than her own age.

barbara walters plastic surgery


Blepharoplasty or surgery of lower-eyelid is another procedure that she may have undergone to make her eyes look wider. It also aids in removing the drooping skin or the bags under the eyes, which almost every women experience with aging. Use of Botox can’t be denied here, neither the youthful forehead that is visible, when she comes face to face with anyone.

What Barbara has to say?

It seems that the anchor doesn’t want to comment on Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery, which has definitely taken place. This is very natural for any celebrity who doesn’t wish to let the beans spill and make herself look hideous, in the imaginations of her followers. However, the photos and their comparisons doesn’t lie too, which makes it very obvious that she had the surgeries, but to what extent that is not at all revealed by her. The media regularly scrutinizes the speculations and tries to find out if Barbara Walters had plastic surgery again or not. This may not be important to many, but for her fans and followers, it is a vital piece of detail, which can’t be missed.