Who waits on Monday, fades on Tuesday and can’t sleep by Wednesday? Think. Think harder. Who else could it be other than Ashlee Simpson in her “Pieces of Me?” Ashlee Nicole Simpson, who is an American actress, song writer and a singer has recently revealed that she is really happy with her relationship with Evan Ross by tweeting their photo together.

She is perfect in hiding her cute smile from the media every time she is with her boyfriend. But as they all say action speaks more than words, it would be better if you know it, Ashlee, we know all of it.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson who is popular for the ‘Pieces of me‘ and ‘Autobiography‘ faced a widespread reputation after her participation in her sister’s reality show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica and finally got starring in her Ashlee Simpson Show that portrayed her creation of her own debut album.

Yes, we all are well acknowledged about the little facts of the star. Are we aware of the Ashlee Simpson nose job that was done a few years ago when she was hardly 21?

We do not because the star didn’t officially proclaim it, instead went on to say that plastic surgery was entirely a personal choice and that one should decide for oneself to do it and not for others.

Ashlee Simpson Nose Job

Ashlee Simpson nose job before and after

And when she faced nose job interviews, she did not answer them in yes or no, instead she just giggled. Anyways, the decision was not that bad and it has definitely improvised her look. But she failed at one thing.

She had it done at a wrong time exactly before the release of an issue of Marie Claire magazine of July 2006 that focused her photo shoot with her old nose along with an article in which Ashlee emphasizes on the need to love our bodies as they are.

So, was there a need for her to get a nose job? There may be varied and distinct answers for this question, but Ashley says when it’s done, it’s done.

The fact that she has never admitted. To cover the act of getting nose job done, her dad and manager Joe Simpson added in the interview with Fox News that there was a real problem with her breathing and now that has been solved.

Ashlee Simpson and her son

Ashlee Simpson and her son

Nose job, medically called as Rhinoplasty is done for mainly two purposes. Firstly, when someone does not like the God given features or the nose and then who faced a sort of trauma and then needs correction.

The former mostly refers to when the nose size is larger than the face or any prominent undesirable feature like the hump or the large round tip or excessive wideness. In case of any accidents, nose can either be flattened or bent.

Sometimes, there can be other reason for going under the knife for rhinoplasty like the obstructed nasal passage or the compromised nasal breathing which was explained for Ashlee Simpson by her father Joe Simpson.

Well, if nose jobs make our nose looks slimmer and elegant, there is nothing wrong to go under the knife for that. We see the difference Ashlee Simpson nose job profile has created in her career after all.